The days of needing to make an appointment with a bank manager and taking a file of documents along have well and truly gone. Likewise there is no longer any delay as when the manager needed days to make a decision. If you go online and can make a case for a  unemployed loan then you will receive approval in no time and the funds in your bank within hours. You have to be realistic in what you are seeking and able to show evidence of income that can support the application. Even if you have a poor credit score you will not be turned away if your present and future prospects look good.

Present and Future

We put little emphasis on the past. If you have a poor credit score then you will be charged a point or two above the normal interest rate because of the slightly higher risk involved. If you have the income to justify your request one of our network of reliable lenders will help you, and at a very competitive rate.

The logic of ourselves and those lenders is that affordability is the key to approval, not previous history. The recession had many casualties, often people whose problems developed largely through no fault of their own. The fact that they have regular income is a sign of their determination to improve their financial situation and we are here to help.


It is important for every applicant to read through all the website pages to get a thorough understanding of what is on offer as well as the terms and conditions as well as policies by which we operate. The application process is then very simple. We just need you to effectively identify yourself and provide bank and employment details. Your information is perfectly secure with both ourselves and any of our lenders who we will immediately contact if we feel they are likely to be able to satisfy your particular circumstances.

The whole process is as close to instantaneous as it can be and funds will be electronically transferred, often efectos del viagra en la mujer within hours. There is no requirement to explain what you intend to do with the money. As long as you appear able to repay the loan in full over the agreed term that is enough. We never require any money in advance and all costs and charges will be added to the loan and interest charged and paid for over that same term.