Monday, September 26, 2011

Could this man be the next president of Mexico?

Unlikely, in my opinion, but the leader of Mexico's powerful Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) claims that early surveys and popularity polls conducted by PRI itself indicate just that. "Andrés Manuel López Obrador is our real competition, far above any PAN candidate," PRI's chairman said today in an unusual theme press conference. López Obrador was the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) presidential candidate in 2006. He very narrowly lost to Mexico's current PAN president, Felipe Calderón, in a hard fought election which some claim was fixed. Many López Obrador supporters still refer to him as the "legitimate president of Mexico."

National Action Party (PAN) officials today dismissed PRI's claims, and responded by saying that PRI is merely trying to cherry-pick its opposition by targeting López Obrador as the primary competition. López Obrador is a populist candidate on the political left, but his -- as well as PRD's -- influence are limited to a few regions of the country. PRD holds far fewer federal and state legislative seats than either PRI or PAN.

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